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The 414 is almost the most affordable way to get into multitrack recording; its price-to-features ratio also makes it one of the best value cassette multitracker options.


  • Normal-speed and Double-speed tape mechanism, optimised for Chrome tape.
  • dbx noise reduction.
  • Records up to four tracks at once.
  • +/-12% pitch control.
  • Tape sync capability on track 4.
  • 4:1 Tape Cue mixer.
  • 4-input mixer, plus two stereo inputs and stereo submix input, equals 10 inputs on mixdown.
  • Two effects sends.
  •  2-band EQ.
  • Separate main mix and monitor outputs, for independent monitoring of stereo mix at mixdown.


English Manual

Guide de l’utilisateur


Tascam 414 Portastudio

CHF 350.00Preis
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